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برنامج أمة – OMAH

An advanced voters information management system, designed based on the latest voters data (in all electoral districts in Kuwait) to assist the candidates with the sufficient data to win the election Omah started from the need of candidates in the parliamentary elections for an electronic system that helps them organize their campaigns and reach all categories of voters easily. Omah specializes in providing a high-speed system in processing and displaying data and statistics and printing reports that facilitate the organization of electoral advertising and access to all electoral groups , omah also supports all operating systems and mobile applications and supports many features.

Operating Systems:

Provided data by OMAH :

Through the system, you can review the names of all voters and their information provided by the system
  • Full Name
  • Region
  • Committee
  • Date of Birth
  • And All other data that necessary to manage the candidate's electoral process

How it work :

The system uses the multiple search options to get voters, the candidate can also add (electoral key + delegate + agent) without limits. User can create groups with the categories that he wants and add voters to, which enables him to access electoral groups in an easy way , each group have a special name and color. User can also print lists of voters data and it can be saved as PDF in your PC.  
In order to make the search process more accessible, we provided the advanced search feature, you can search for any voter, whether by name, circle, job or committee and many options that are discovered when using the program.   
Note that the system regularly updates the latest voters lists for all the 100 electoral committees in the five circles.

Election day "Voting process":

The system has been programmed in a smart way that allows the candidate to know who cast their votes and in any committee and how many , in order to fully monitor and control all stages of the electoral process and compare them with the electoral groups that he created

OMAH V.S. Other Softwares :

Comparisons OMAH Other Softwares
Support all operating systems Yes No
Search methoud Fully advanced search Simple
Provide latest voters lists update Immediately available, certified by the Electoral Department of the Ministry of Interior Not available (manual update)
Create accounts for campaign members Available without limits Not Available

System pages preview :